Worship is the very heart of this ministry. We love lifting up songs of praise and believe that true worship should extend beyond the Sunday gathering to include prayer, scripture reading and giving.

Our passion is to lead you into a vertical, spirit-filled worship experience each week.We want you to connect with the Father, be transformed by His Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

It doesn't matter if you lift your hands or bow your head. If tears stream down your face or if you can't suppress a smile. It doesn't matter if you drop to a knee or jump to the heavens.

What truly matters to God is that we worship. Be it a whisper or a shout of praise. It's not how we worship. It's that we worship.

It's not a perfected melody, but a surrendered heart. It's not what we wear, but what we say and the heart from which it is said. No, our praise is to elevate Him and Him alone. For no other reason than that He is Lord. So we honor Him. Exalt Him. We extol the One who so loved the world.

Our Purpose

The Crossroads Church exists to lead people to follow Jesus. Our goal as a team is to lead others into a vertical, spirit-filled praise experience each and every service.

Do you have a question or are interested in auditioning for the team?  Contact our Worship Pastor:

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For Musicians

We are always looking for team-minded musicians, with a heart for worship and a commitment to excellence. Previous experience on a praise team or in a band can be helpful, but is not required. Our musicians should be in agreement and support of the mission, vision and values at The Crossroads Church.

The time requirement for team members is approximately seven hours on a week he or she is scheduled (This time frame does not include personal practice time). Included in the time requirements are weekly Thursday night rehearsals (6:15 pm-8:15 pm) and Sunday morning services (7:00 am-12:00 pm).