Meet a Need

Not every child or student has access to quality shoes when they need them.  So walking in worn out shoes or hand-me downs that don't quite fit is the all too common solution.

Worn-out shoes can make a student feel like they don't fit in at school. They can injure feet, or worse, hurt a child's self-esteem.  They can make a student feel less than.

But that doesn't have to be the case.

Through Crossroads Cares, we want to provide kids with brand new shoes to help them feel confident, comfortable and special.


Would you like to partner with us by sponsoring a new pair of shoes to a student in need?

Share a Need

Do you or someone you know have a child or student in need of a new pair of shoes? We'd love to know!  Simply click the button below and share the following info with us: 

  • Name and contact info for the parent/guardian of the student(s) 
  • Shoe size of the student(s)

Our team will purchase the new shoes and make arrangements to get the shoes to the  parent/guardian.

Thank you!


In 2023, Kicks 4 Kids adopted Village Meadows Elementary and hosted our first ever pop-up shop, allowing students to select their own new pair of shoes.  

In 2022, Kicks 4 Kids adopted Wilson School District which houses two Title I schools.

Our goal was to put new sneakers on the feet of over 1100 students in need.

Together, we did it!

To God be the Glory!