From that day when Moses was drawn out of the water to the day when Jesus laid down His life, on the cross, for our sins— God has been working His plan— to deliver us and to dwell within us, by drawing us out of our sins and whatever else may hold us captive.

Exodus is THE seminal chapter of what was to become the greatest story ever told: How GOD GAVE US — and through Jesus, He’s still giving us— A WAY OUT…of our captivity.

Our journey through EXoDUS will begin on Saturday, February 23 @ 4:30p (Saturday Edition info: )

Sunday, February 24 @ 9:00a and 10:45a


Get the MOST out of EXODUS

Exodus is the seminal chapter in what would become the greatest story ever told: How God gave us— and through Jesus, He’s still giving us— A WAY OUT.  Our journey through begins next weekend.  Here’s a brief plan for how you can make the most of it.

  • Download a free Bible app [we highly recommend].
  • Before next weekend, read the Old Testament book of Genesis. [Genesis contains 50 chapters, comprised of 1533 verses or 32,046 words.  It can be read in about 3.5 hours].  If you’re feeling especially adventurous, read through Exodus as well [40 chapters, 1213 verses or 25, 957 words.]  Exodus can be read in just under three hours.
  • Here are a few items we recommend that you bring the following along with you:
    • In order to follow along with Bible readings, bring either your mobile device [with a Bible app already loaded] or your favorite written copy of the Scriptures.
    • In order to take notes of what you are learning, bring either a paper tablet or the electronic kind [don’t forget a pen/pencil if you decide to kick it old school].
    • In order to benefit from our screen support slides, do the following:
      • Connect to TCC’s complimentary wi-fi called, Crossroads - Guest. The password is more to life.
      • Go to then select “This Week’s Screen Support.”
    • As early in the week as you can, invite someone to join us in this study. Tell them about our Saturday Edition— and if they indicate a desire to come, join them!
    • Please come early. Our first message in Exodus will be crammed with great insight.  You won’t want to miss even one word!
    • If you’re not in a small group, several groups will be following along as we learn from Exodus. Please call the church office 623.466.7964 or email Chris DeWald at for help in locating a group that would be a great fit for you!
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