We want you to connect and grow at Crossroads.
And we're here to help.


We believe that there are three fundamental disciplines a believer should actively be engaged in. 

Worship is a time for gathering together to praise our Father, learn from His word, pray with other believers and grow in our giving.

Questions to ask:

  • Am I gathering with other believers regularly for worship and Biblical teaching?
  • Am I trusting God with my finances by first giving a portion of my earnings to God?
  • Am I growing in generosity?
  • Am I spending time reading His word and in prayer?

We want to give you the opportunity to use your unique gifts to advance God's kingdom, both within the church and through Crossroads Cares.

Questions to ask:

  • Am I serving The Church either on Sundays or throughout the week?
  • Am I aware of what my spiritual gifts are?
  • Am I signed up to meet needs with Crossroads Cares?
  • Am I beginning to concern myself with the faith of others?


We believe that life on life connection through groups is an important catalyst for your spiritual growth and want to help you find the perfect fit.

Questions to ask:

  • Am I regularly meeting outside of Sunday worship with other believers in some form of Life Group or Bible study?
  • Am I signed up to receive Men's/Women's Ministry notifications?

Why Engage?

We want you to be growing in your walk with the Lord. This little formula of Worship + Serve + Grow?  If you get intentional about doing all three…there’s no limit to what God can do in you and through you.