We 💙 camp!

Kids and camp go together like peanut butter and jelly!

When you send your student to camp you are exposing them to multiple experiences that will grow them mentally, physically as well as spiritually. We know that kids see Jesus in a whole new way when the outside distractions of daily life are limited.  

We know camp can be expensive and not a realistic option for some families. Please do not let that keep you or your student from this experience.  We would love to discuss the various options with you.  Send us an email using the form below.

Summer Camp 2023

2023 Summer Camps



UCYC in Prescott, Arizona
June 5-9, 2023
for grades 4-5
Cost: $350

Jesus doesn’t invite us into a stale, stuffy life of rule-following and trying to be good. Jesus invites His followers into an unexpected and unimaginable adventure. The human desire for adventure, exploration, and excitement was designed by God, and the fullest expression of that life is found in following Jesus.

We’ll take a look at Jesus’ Disciples and key characters and stories that reveal the kind of radical fulfilling life that Jesus offers when we choose to follow Him. By looking at the amazing experiences they had following Jesus, we’ll catch a glimpse of what Jesus may have in store for us when we follow Him.

Jr. High

UCYC in Prescott, Arizona
June 5-9, 2023
for grades 6-8
Cost: $350

David was the kind of person everybody wanted to be. A tender-hearted shepherd with a penchant for music and poetry, and also a steel-hearted warrior capable of leading men into battle and standing up for what he believed. He was the quintessential renaissance man wrapped in a heart that deeply loved the Lord. He was all of this yet is still a flawed and relatable character that points directly to the Gospel. We’ll zoom in on significant moments of David’s life and story, and help students see how God uses our passions, gifts, abilities, and our failures for good.

MOVE 2023 - Facebook Event Image

High School

CIY in La Mirada, California
July 10-15, 2023
for grades 9-12
Cost: $350

At MOVE 2023, high school students around the country will discover the incredible hope of giving up control. They will hear the hope-filled call of Jesus to follow him at all costs nevertheless allowing Him to truly live through them.

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