winter camp


UCYC in Prescott, Arizona
Jan 19-21, 2024
for grades 4-5
Cost: $259

One of the shortest and best-known stories in scripture is that of the reluctant prophet Jonah, who embarked on a journey that would change the lives of thousands of people, including his own. The end of the book of Jonah is written as a literary cliffhanger, intentionally causing us to put ourselves in Jonah’s shoes and inspect our hearts. Jonah’s tale focuses on God’s mission to transform the errant prophet through this epic rundown.

Traveling through the story of Jonah, we’ll discover how God’s plan to show grace, mercy, and forgiveness to mankind is made manifest in the saving work of Jesus Christ. When you and I experience the work of Jesus firsthand, we have the ability to show that same love and mercy to others, no matter how different they may be.

Jr. High

UCYC in Prescott, Arizona
Feb 2-4, 2024
for grades 6-8
Cost: $260

In dark moments, we find ourselves straining forward to what’s next, anxiously waiting for God’s intervention. Over the course of the weekend together, we will follow along with Joseph’s journey from favorite son to slave and prisoner to viceroy of Egypt. Throughout his life, Joseph constantly finds himself in terrible situations, seemingly without an escape. But he is vigilant, always keeping the promises of God at the forefront of his mind. Students will walk away having confidence in God’s plan for them, knowing that He never abandons them and that His forgiveness offers restoration for them.


High School

UCYC in Prescott, Arizona
Feb 2-4, 2024
for grades 9-12
Cost: $260

At MOVE 2023, high school students around the country will discover the incredible hope of giving up control. They will hear the hope-filled call of Jesus to follow him at all costs nevertheless allowing Him to truly live through them.

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