When the coronavirus first happened and our governing officials provided guidelines intended to flatten the curve— The Crossroads Church (TCC), like the overwhelming majority of churches across America, made the unprecedented decision to stop gathering physically.

We pressed pause on the biblical mandate to “not give up meeting together" (Hebrew 10:25) so that we could obey other biblical mandates, such as:

  • "Submit…to the governing authorities." Romans 13:1
  • "Love your neighbor as yourself." Luke 10:27

So, we decided to “manage” in a safer way. It wouldn’t be the same…but we could still be obedient to all three of those biblical commands.

DECISION MADE, our tech team shifted from nothing into Live Stream. And so began the stream "LIVE at The Crossroads Church" —fully operational in eight days! And we have been gathering via the web ever since.

FAST FORWARD nine weeks later— and Arizona is open again! Our Governor has encouraged various entities to proceed with care, but to proceed— including…churches. Churches can gather again as long as we observe the Phase 1 guidelines drafted by our President’s task force.

So, what that means is: There is an option for everybody!

Whether you’re in the:

  • “We can’t wait for our church to open again” camp.

Or if you’re in the—

  • ...“cautiously waiting for more data” camp.

Or if you're in the—

  • "I have health issues so I'm waiting it out for a while” camp.

THERE’S A PLACE FOR YOU! 10:00a every Sunday in TWO VENUES,  OnCampus and Online! Crossroads Kids is now open as well! Praising God!


For months now we have been carefully planning the changes that need to happen when people started visiting our campus again.


Check-out yesterday's Live Chat with our Pastors. They will bring you up to date on things such as; State of the Church, Re-Entry Protocols, Enhanced Sanitation Procedures, Kids, Youth, Be the Church, an announcement of our new Youth Pastor we are excited to add to our staff and so much more.

What is Contact-Free Worship anyway? Click below and find out.

UPDATE - NO Registration needed

Ready to come back this Sunday?
Due to social distancing our seating is somewhat limited. It is based on first come first serve. However, we have overflow seating available throughout the campus if needed.


Hope to see you Sunday!

We are still committed to bringing you Sunday services online  in their entirety.
Click any link below to catch our broadcast.
Stay connected wherever you are!