Saturday Edition

Special Saturday Edition!

We’ve heard it 100s of times: “If The Crossroads only had Saturday….”Have you ever wished there was another option?  Though “guilt” is the church’s typical go to, that’s not our plan.  Ours is an approach that will help you keep your weekends, but keep your worship focus, too!So we want to test the potential.  We’re calling it the Saturday Edition – Eight, then Evaluate.  We hope that the response Saturday Edition will be such that it will become a permanent feature.Here’s our plan:

  • Saturday Edition is a stripped-down version of Sunday. And you’ll be in and out in under an hour.
  • Saturday Edition will feature LIVE teaching by our Pastor, Steve Wyatt, who puts great focus on solid, Bible-saturated content.  It is designed to strengthen you and to give you handles for living out great faith.
  • Saturday Edition begins SATURDAY, February 23, at 4:30p at Church. 42105 N. 41stDrive, Anthem.  This is our meeting place, but our reach is the whole North Valley.
  • Saturday Edition is not about poaching church people.  God’s not big on that and neither are we.  If you aren’t a part of TCC, we promise: No bait-n-switch.  If you enjoy great Bible study but want to attend your church of choice the next day— we’d be honored to have you as our guest.
  • Childcare is a yes!  Your kids will have a grand time under the supervision of trained childcare providers. With our multiple sports courts, playgrounds, Ga-Ga Pit and so much more, there will be plenty to do.  Then, if we get a foothold, there will be additional programming.
  • Saturday Edition will beginin concert with new series of studies through the Old Testament book of Exodus. We’re calling it, EXODUS: God Gave Us — A Way Out.”  It’s a great place to start, because EXODUS is where God first gave us His plan for how He would save us all from whatever has us held…in captivity.  Yeah, we’ll talk history and archaeology, too— but since EXODUS is THE seminal chapter regarding the rhythm of hope God had planned for us, EXODUS will also light a fire in your heart.

Here’s our thinking: If club sports and other activities are keeping you from worship, Saturday Edition will help you step in again.  Then, if our experiment works…?  We will add GREAT teaching for your children, too.

We’d love your input, so please reply with your comments.