We are a medium-sized church in a medium-sized community— with plenty of our own problems to manage during this shutdown.  But Jesus taught us that we must always— ALWAYS— lead with love, even when loving others comes at a cost.

So our struggling mom and pop church is partnering with a great mom and pop restaurant, who is also struggling, to extend love to those on the front lines of this fight: Those offering healthcare in ERs.  We hope to encourage the emergency room personnel of a handful of local hospitals all while helping to keep one dear restaurant open with business.

Adopting just one ER, with all the supporting staff, for just one meal is going to cost us about $799.  And we hope to do many more.  We get it; one church offering one meal to a handful of ER workers will not stop the massive bleed.  But it’s a kind gesture, in a time when kindness driven by love is sorely needed.

We’re convinced that others will also want to LEAD WITH LOVE.  And we’d like to help you do precisely that.  If your family, your church or organization would like to sponsor a firehouse, PD station, etc.— we want to help.  We will do the leg-work.  We will document our efforts and operate in absolute transparency.

Would you like to partner with us in giving to this effort?  Simply click the donate button below and then we'll keep you posted on the progress of this project.

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