Letter From Pastor Steve about the Corona Virus

Dear Church,

Our church’s leaders have been actively monitoring the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus and would like to share some observations that we hope will be helpful.

We believe it’s important to stress that most people have nothing to fear from this virus.  The numbers of those infected are growing but are still statistically small.  And for most people, catching the virus would not be much different than catching the flu.

Given what we know right now, even I don’t have reason to fear catching the virus.  That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take precautions.  No, prudence tells me: Given my chronic health indicators?  I should take precautionary measures.

But even more to the point of this letter: As followers of Jesus, we are mandated to love everybody.  And right now, that mandate especially includes two classes of people: 1] those, like me, who are most vulnerable physically and 2] those who are feeling overwhelmed by the panic that’s sweeping our nation right now.
That mandate to love demands, then, that we “become all things to all people so that by all possible means [we] might save some.” [I Corinthians 9:22].

Which is why,  if you identify with either of the two categories above, we would like to personally serve you in either of two ways: 1] We would like to pray with you, and 2] We would like to bring communion to you so that you will not miss “proclaiming the Lord’s death till He
comes.” [I Corinthians 11:26]

There is a lot of ambiguity and fear right now.  But it is not a time for those who are in Christ to live in that fear.  You see, our “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power and love and self-discipline.” [II Timothy 1:7].

This current crisis is a great opportunity for our church to demonstrate that we do not have the “spirit of fear” and yet at the same time— show that we do have the capacity to exhibit massive doses of great love…to everyone.

So— because God has given us a spirit of power, we will gather in the name of Jesus to worship Jesus this Sunday as we do every Sunday.  We intend to carry on in the bold tradition of uninterrupted worship that has carried the church since her days in the catacombs, worshiping even while under threat from the Emperor of Rome.

And because God has also given us a spirit of love, we will:
•    Wash our hands thoroughly and often.
•    Observe “social distancing.”  As a hugger, I don’t like this.  But my love compels me to love differently during this difficult time.
•    Stay at home if we are not feeling well and catch the message later in the day online.
•    Clean and sanitize our building.
•    Offer prepackaged communion packets, at the entrance to the Auditorium and on the trays themselves.
•    Ensure that sanitizer stations are located throughout the campus.
•    Suspend food and beverage services.  So please!  Caffeinate before coming to service!

And finally, because God has also given us a spirit of self-discipline, we want to be Jesus to those who are lost.  This is not a time to speak ill of any one or to judge the decisions others may make.  Instead, let’s use the self-discipline God has given us to devise creative ways to love everybody until this ordeal has passed

Bottom line?  The Crossroads Church will be open for business this weekend.  We promise to continue monitoring the spread of this virus and will update you and edit our plan as circumstances dictate.  For now, while we are making a few modifications, this one thing will never change: The Crossroads Church will celebrate the glory of our Redeemer as He intended:

In community…
…with one another…
…in His name.

The Crossroads Church
Steve Wyatt, Lead Pastor

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