The Crossroads Church began, nearly 16 years ago, with a passion to first reach, and then disciple, the next generation. So, for years, we have made use of a great word to describe this passion: Legacy. We talked about leaving a legacy when it was time to purchase and then refit the building that is in our home. And we have asked you to serve our children and students again, because in serving then you leave behind you a legacy.

On Sunday, December 13, 2020, we are thrilled to announce: The Legacy that we’ve dreamed about and prayed for and given to— is now! How can I say such a thing? It’s because our church will be ordaining four young men and women into a life of ministry for the gospel of Jesus Christ! Ordaining even one person is a rarity in most churches, but we will be ordaining four— to the glory of God!

  • Elijah Stanley received Christ as his Savior and was baptized at age 13 in our church. He began serving on the worship team soon after and joined our staff at age 18. Now, as a young husband and a maturing worship leader, he wants to dedicate the rest of his life serving his Savior.
  • Chris DeWald has worshiped at The Crossroads since 2008. He has volunteered in most every area of our ministry. After several years of successful leadership in the business world, Chris has felt God’s call to do ministry as our very first executive pastor. He wants you to know: This decision is for life.
  • Andrea McGrue dedicated her life to full-time Christian service at church camp when she was in high school. However, during her early adult years, that calling took a backseat to other things. But when her life came to a screeching halt, and as she searched for a path back to healing, she found Jesus again. And in finding Jesus, she rediscovered the beauty of his church. And now, all these years later, this wife and mom wants to add “ordained pastor” to her list of important duties.
  • Daniel Wilson came from a family that is deeply involved in doing ministry. His greatest and most cherished mentor, his grandfather, set an example for Daniel that became his legacy. A legacy that brings Daniel to this very clear sense of his own calling. Make no doubt, the Lord has tattooed a passion to preach the gospel on this young man’s heart. And he plans to spend the rest of his life serving Jesus.

A day is a special demand a very special celebration! Which is why we have a day filled with festivities. The following is a bulleted list of just some of what will occur:

Ordination Service [December 13, 2020 at 10:00am]

  • For one day only, we will return to one service.
    On December 13, at 10:00 AM, we will be leading worship by two beloved former members of our staff: Maribeth Dodd, who served as our worship pastor for seven years, and another gifted leader, Jerad Shepherd.
  • If you have never witnessed a pastoral ordination ceremony, you are in for a moving experience, as our Elders and Pastors lay hands on these four candidates and pray God’s empowerment and blessing.
  • Pastor Steve, as a 46-year ministry veteran will give a pastoral charge and share some thoughts regarding our church’s ministry moving forward.

Ordination Brunch [December 13, 2020 at 11:30am]

  • It seems fitting that we celebrate this momentous occasion the same way the church has always celebrated: By eating! This meal is our gift to an amazing Body of believers who have invested in this awesome achievement.
    Since we plan to observe social distancing and other COVID guidelines through the day, there is a maximum number of guests that we will be able to serve. Reservations will be required and when we reach the maximum number, that will be all we can serve. So— when we announce that reservations are being taken, act fast!


How can we do anything in 2020 without talking about coronavirus?

  • Because of the current uptick in reported infections, we plan to observe recommended guidelines both in the service as well as during the meal.
  • We hope you will understand our need to balance obedience to the governing authorities with our desire to celebrate this amazing day.
  • We plan to strongly urge the use of masks and ask that you observe social distancing and all of the other compliances that we have come to expect.


As your pastor, I am thrilled to have the privilege of presiding over this moment. I love each of these candidates dearly— and I love the church that helped draw them to this decision. My church has done this. And my church is very much your church, too. This is your achievement. The lives that will be impacted for the Gospel through these four servants are incalculable— and we intend to celebrate the fact that you are part of why: The Legacy really is…NOW!