Whether you are new to The Crossroads or have been around a while but still haven't found your place of connection, Starting Point is for you.

Church may look a little different with the current circumstances but we are still a church. The Pastors and staff love Starting Point because they get to meet you (even if we are meeting via zoom). In this one session gathering, we will build some community, enjoy some laughs and learn a little bit about one another. An experience designed to be what its name implies: a Starting Point.

In this 75-minute session, you'll learn about who we are as a church and the values and vision that drive us.  You'll also be given tools to help you grow in your faith and engage in the life of our church family, including the opportunity to make TCC your home church through membership.  

Then What?

Most who participate in Starting Point will want to find a Life Group for connection and spiritual growth.  Another next step will include finding a place to serve on a Ministry Team.  Still others will want to register for an upcoming Baptism, in obedience to Jesus' call for everyone who chooses to follow Him.

Our next Starting Point class will be via Zoom.

May 31st at 10:45 a.m.
Register below and we will send you the login info.



At TCC, we practice baptism of the repentant believer by immersion in water. We do immersion baptism because that's the way Jesus did it, how the New Testament church did it and how we are commanded to do it.  

There's nothing magical about the water and the act itself does not save you. But it is the believer's first outward act of obedience.

If God is leading you to be baptized, we would be thrilled to help you to take this step.

You may choose to be baptized during a worship service. This is a great testimony to others and public baptisms are scheduled by completing the request form below.

You may prefer to be baptized following a worship service. This is a more intimate celebration that may allow you to be surrounded by your family and close friends.

You may prefer to be baptized at your home in a more spontaneous way. If this fits your schedule, we will be glad to help you.

Just fill out this form and we will send you some additional information regarding baptism, including everything you will need to prepare in advance.


Life Groups are small communities of people who want a place to be themselves, ask tough questions, and grow in their walk with God. Part of being a community is about walking through life’s trials and celebrating its victories together. It’s about worshipping and serving in ways that honor Jesus each step of the way.

Life Groups meet throughout the week in various locations, some with childcare options, some just men, or women, singles, or couples . Life Groups for Middle & High School students are also available through Youth Ministries.


Life was never meant to be lived in isolation.  But how can a young family, with an already too-crowded calendar, find room to circle up with people like you who want to live better lives?  Circles is a first step into creating authentic community.  A cool, laid-back environment and childcare— all the issues that make this step so hard— they are provided because we believe that life is better connected.



Where are you on the wheel?